SURVEY: Milton Keynes Expansion

We need more affordable homes in Milton Keynes, but they must proportionate, sustainable, appropriate and come with the right provision of services for local people. 

I have been campaigning against the reckless overexpansion of MK by the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition since the day I was elected. But they keep pushing on.

Now I want to hear your views. Are you in favour of MK East? Do you agree with me that we should have infrastructure before expansion? Are MK Council getting it right?

Have your say in my survey below.

SURVEY: Milton Keynes Expansion

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Are you aware of Milton Keynes City Council's plans for MK East?
If yes, what is your opinion of the MK East development?
What are your main concerns about the MK East development? Select three.
Were you aware of plans for a new at-grade crossing by the Willen Road roundabout near Newport Pagnell as part of MK East?
Are you in favour of this planned new crossing on a busy grid road?
Are you in favour of new housing developments on the edge of Milton Keynes?
Do you agree that infrastructure should always come before expansion?
What infrastructure should be in place before a major housing development is built? Choose the three most important to you.
Before this survey, were you aware of Ben Everitt MP's campaign against the Labour-Lib Dem Council's reckless overexpansion plans?
If yes, how did you hear about Ben's campaign?