Hanslope Post Office To Re-Open

The Post Office in Hanslope is set to re-open in April.

Ben commented, "The Post Office has reassured me they will be re-opening their Hanslope branch. I'm pleased with this outcome after a number of constituents raised their concerns with me about the recent closure."

A statement from The Post Office read: "I want to reassure Ben and his constituents that we are absolutely committed to providing Post Office services in Hanslope and we have now put in place a plan to reopen the Post Office. Currently, this is scheduled for the 8th and 9th April, which is the currently the earliest possible date at which we can reopen the Post Office.

"To be aware, ATM services will not be available immediately but our customers will be able to withdraw cash from the Post Office counter. We appreciate that this situation is not ideal but we are trying our best to accelerate the reopening so that services can be restored as quickly as possible.

"I will, of course, provide you with an update as soon as there any developments in this case. I want to thank Ben and his constituents for their patience and understanding in this matter and to tell them that we will do everything we can to reopen the Post Office at Hanslope as soon as we can."