Ben Welcomes Scrapping Of £13bn NHS Debt And Testing Pledge

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, has welcomed the news £13 billion of NHS debt has been written off by the Government.

The change is part of a package of major reforms to the NHS financial system to ensure hospitals have the support they need to deal with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

It was also announced yesterday (02/04) that the Government aims to be testing 100,000 people a day for COVID-19 by the end of April, with frontline healthcare staff the immediate priority.

Ben commented, “Our NHS staff, both management and frontline, are doing a fantastic job saving lives at this unprecedented time and I’m pleased the Government is wiping debt to ensure hospitals can focus on that.

“It made me so proud to see so many people in Milton Keynes clapping from their doorsteps, windows and gardens yesterday and last week.

“We understand the sacrifices our NHS workers are making and know testing must become a priority for them so I’m glad we’ll be ramping it up over the next few weeks."