SURVEY: Illegal Encampments

I managed to secure urgent action from the police on the illegal encampment at Oakgrove School over the weekend.

As soon as I heard about the issue on Monday morning I got in contact with the police and school, and by the afternoon police were on site moving the encampment on.

I'm keen to find out more about your views on the local issue in particular and more widely action the Government is taking.

Illegal Encampments Survey

  • Current Illegal Encampments
  • Making the survey representative
  • Your details
2.1. Were you aware of the illegal encampment at Oakgrove School over the weekend (8th July)?
2.2. Were you, or anyone you know, affected by the illegal encampment?
2.3. On a scale of 1-10 how unfair do you think the disruption caused to Oakgrove School staff and students was?
2.4. Are you aware of the Government's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which gives police more powers to act on illegal encampments?
2.5. Do you support the Government's plan to take tougher action on illegal encampments?